DFIR Python Study Group: Class 3

Yesterday I left off trying to figure out a challenge presented in the book. We were given the first and last block of code. The goal was to transform the string “Don’t Panic!”  into the string “on tap” using what we learned in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. As a refresher, I watched the Python study group and reviewed my code from what we had learned. There is more than one way of accomplishing this challenge (I will post the book’s solution after mine).

Here is my code:




The book’s answer:


Same result.

One of the most important lessons learned in Chapter 2 was how programmers need to be careful with how they manipulate lists. The book explains renaming one list to another and appending the second list. Unfortunately, appending the second list also appends the first. To solve this problem, we can use the COPY method. If we create a copy and append the copy, it will not append the original list that was copied. Phew.

At the end of the Class 3 DFIR Python study group, someone asked a very important question similar to what I think everytime I learn new code..."how the hell do we use this stuff in real life?".


Alexis discussed how to make a script using code we learned to pull information from a file off of an Android phone. Writing similar code that will pull information from a file is my goal for tomorrow.


DFIR Python Study Group: Class 3