Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

A little late, but for a good reason. I took winter "break" to study for the second half (1002) of the CompTIA A+ certification exam. I tackled this exam differently from the first half (1001). For the second half, I used Professor Messer's videos (FREE!). They can be found here. I printed out the objectives from the CompTIA website, crossed off what I already knew, and watched each video by objective while writing notes. I also purchased Jason Dion's exam package off Udemy when they were on sale. I highly recommend taking those practice exams. I felt more confident going into the second exam than the first; however, halfway through, I started to doubt myself. I finished the exam with 3 seconds left...and PASSED! One New Year goal complete.


I'm happy that it is done with. I walk away with a better understanding of the basics, and I'm onto the Security + exam.