CyberDefenders: CaseVegas

Note: All these answers can be found with google. Street view is your friend. This is a fun beginner challenge where we are given a ~37 minute dash cam video, and a few screen grabs.
Challenge Details:

You are a detective, and you have been instructed to find a suspect who was employed in a major hotel chain and was responsible for the theft of US$ 3.5 million from his employers.

When you were given the instruction, you were busy with another investigation and immediately abandoned that to start this new investigation. You were also meant to be home hours ago to take your loved one to a nice restaurant for a well-deserved dinner and relaxation time.

During the investigation, your attempt to find the suspect was recorded in the included video. Analyze the video and other files and try to extract answers for some of the case questions.
Before opening your file, verify it. If you're using Windows, right click on the zipped file, click CRC SHA, choose SHA 1. Make sure that number matches the SHA1SUM number we were given by the author of the challenge. Now that we've verified the file, extract its contents (password on site) to your folder of choice and begin.

#1     File->Vehicle-number.png: At which minute of the video was the vehicle observed?  
Video footage.
#2     File->Vehicle-number.png: What is the zip code of the place where the vehicle was observed in the video.?
I looked up the address of the hotel shown at the time we saw the vehicle. If you look up the other place you may get the wrong answer at first.
#3     File->Chapel: This chapel has a live webcam. What is the name of the chapel?
There are many chapels in Las Vegas. The details will help in your Google search. <3
#4     File->Chapel: What strip hotel does the chapel have a view of?
Once you find the name of the chapel, you can utilize Google street view to look around the area.
#5     What date did the Mandalay Bay shooting take place? 
#6     On 30/09/2017 at 14:47, Stephen Paddock was seen on CCTV footage. Where was he?
Google. Many pictures will pop up with him seen on CCTV footage. Analyze the dates on the captures.
#7    File->Vehicle.png: This vehicle may be related to our investigation. What place did it go to?
Video. Make sure you have your eye on the right vehicle.
#8   Find MGM financial report in the form of a PDF document (not website) which contains the words: 'Consolidated net revenues increased 13% compared to the prior-year quarter to $3.2 billion' Submit the URL as an answer. 

Copy and paste the quote into Google. Instead of clicking on the link, and opening the PDF, you can click the "vertical ellipsis" button, or the "dot dot dot" button, or whatever you like to call it. You will get a pop up with the full URL.

#9     File->Number: What is the complete number?   
If you pause the video at a specific time, you can see more of the number. We can also see the street  name and another Wedding Chapel (now demolished!). I found the rest of the number by going to google street view, and turning back the time to when that number was still listed on that building.
#10     File->Number: Who is the number's owner?
No need for anything fancy. This is a leader in real estate services, a simple Google search will do.

#11     What is New York-New York?

Everyone knows what NY NY is! But not that. Google.

#12    In 2018, a famous hacking conference was held in Las Vegas. Who was the keynote speaker?

Nowadays, there are several hacking conferences. This one, however, is always held in Vegas. Who was the keynote speaker at "X" in 2018.

#13    File->Devil.png: What does this belong to? The Devil is in the detail. Provide the tower name.
The blue lights pop out and you'll likely recognize it right away. Google street maps, round the corner and it is there.

#14     At which minute of the video was The Deuce (Las vegas bus) observed?
I recommend watching the video at 2x speed.

#15     File->Location: What does this belong to?
At first I thought this was a picture of someone's blinds. haha. Once you see it, you'll know. You'll also have a something to go off of to Google the full name.

#16     The sign at 36.131749, -115.164647 is advertising what show? - enter in the coordinates. Street view and go back to the video.

#17     Files->Person-2: At which minute of the video did you see this person?
Video. They are fairly easy to spot.

#18     Facebook ID 250240925003365 is linked to a criminal group. What are they called?